Rantai Art (Idealist)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

okay people! would love to remind all of you to come and show your support for the event, and us, semestinya..*wink!* (;

macam kita tahu, event Rantai Art memang always dapat perhatian and support from various age groups, minat, and macam-macam lagi..so for the everyone who never terlepas event Rantai Art, bring along your friends beramai-ramai even if diorang tak really into arts like poetry and stuff cuz there will be banyak booth that are going to jual macam-macam benda. and for the guys, well, mesti minat art and also unplugged performance, aite? ouh ya, before this Rantai Art selalu sediakan tempat untuk perform di luar the Red Bungalow, but untuk Idealist, semua performance will be inside the bungalow itself. apa-apa pun, long story cut short, datang je esok, lusa and ya, tulat untuk support event ni, bagi yang biasa join event Rantai Art, well, yang lepas sangat happening, so why not this time kita meriahkan lagi, ;) and yang tak pernah and baru terasa nak join, come! korang mesti suka and akan berpuas hati, make yourself available..

and untuk info korang, we, Strawberi, akan perdengarkan our new songs esok, written oleh kami sendiri, based on a couple of things in life.. (:

well, hope to see you guys tomoro!

p/s : we will be performing tomoro 18th dec 'o9 after 8pm.


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